The participants are divided in four groups and each group reads one topic. Familiarize yourself with article designated to you. You should be able to tell the main points of the article in the next session. You don't need to meet with the people who are reading the same article.

Topic 1: Learning outcomes (Yusein, Laura, Raed, Paulo, Shreyasi)

Declan Kennedy, Áine Hyland, Norma Ryan. Writing and Using Learning Outcomes: a Practical Guide

Topic 2: Students’ workload (Fares, Ted, Girish, Henrikki, Roby, Fevzihan)

Karjalainen, A., Alha, K. ja Jutila, S. (2008) Give me time to think. (pp. 9-39)

About workload and learning - credits and calculation:

OR --> go to: Kirjoja ja artikkeleita --> from the list: Karjalainen, A., Alha, K. & Jutila S. (2008). Give Me Time to Think

Topic 3: Teaching methods (Sergei, Gökhan, Alexandru, Tuulia, Muhammad, Francesco)

Hyppönen, O. & Lindén, S. Handbook for teachers – course structures, Teaching methods and assessment, Chapters 3-4, pp. 18-55,

Topic 4. Learning assessment (Thad, Nikhilendu, Kristjana, Petteri, Mashrura, Vanni)

Brown, S. & Race, P. (2013) Using effective assessment to promote learning, in Hunt, L. & Chalmers, D. (ed.) University teaching in focus. A learning-centred approach. Pp. 74-91.

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