You are expected to submit all assignments (group and individual ones) on time and before the respective deadline. If you do not submit any assignment on time, your grade for that assignment will be reduced by 25% for each passing day. For instance, if your submission is up to 1 day late (i.e. anything between one minute to one day), you can get a maximum of 75% of the grade of the assignment, up to two days a maximum of 50%, up to three days a maximum of 25%. You will no longer have an option to submit after three days have passed.

            If you miss a presentation without a valid reason, you will receive a zero (0) for that portion of your grade. A valid reason must be communicated at least 72 hours ahead of time to the primary instructor, as well as to all of your group members. If you have a valid reason for missing the presentation, you will be able to complete a make-up assignment organized by the instructors, which will mirror the deliverables of the original presentation.

Final grades will be on a scale from 0-5. Final grades will be calculated from the results of the above listed assignments and allocated as per the below table.

Final Grade

Overall Percentage













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