Google Calendar is a handy time management tool, which you can tailor to your needs. 

Using colour-coded calendar items may help you see the bigger picture. You can use different colours for lectures, independent study time, leisure time events and work. 

Below is an example of a colour-coded schedule. 


You can use the ‘Reminders’ function to write down weekly tasks. Once you have completed the task, you can mark the reminder as done, after which it will no longer be visible in your calendar. 

You can use the calendar in many ways. The key is finding the right way for you. Some people may find it stressful if they have many different coloured bars on their calendar, and may prefer a less detailed way, while others find detailed schedules helpful. This is why you should try out different ways and find the one for you! [Symbol] 





In the second example, time is managed using less frequent items on the calendar, as time for independent study has been reserved separately between courses. 


In such cases, you will be able to write down the subtasks into the notes field of each calendar item: 


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