This course aims to familiarise you with the organization and language features specific to the different parts of the master's thesis. The course is divided into two stages:

1. Defining your thesis (what sort of thesis are you doing?)

This task is a good initiation to the thesis process. In this task, you will use a  template (.docx) to present your aimmethods, and an outline of the chapters for your thesis. The outline must include titles and tentative overviews for each chapter. To complete this task, you will upload and book in the Scheduler a feedback session with one of our teachers to discuss and improve your outline. In this meeting, you can bring up any questions or concerns you might have about the thesis process.

2.. Self-study modules and feedback

Videos, review exercises and analysis tasks on the five parts of the engineering master’s thesis:


* Electrical engineering students who are required to take ELEC-E0210 Master's thesis process as a compulsory subject cannot access Module A or receive feedback on their introduction chapter, as this module is also used as a core component in that course. Because ELEC-E0210 is compulsory for most ELEC students, it must be completed before (or at the same time as) this course. Nevertheless, ELEC students can freely access Modules B, C, D and E.

Scheduling a feedback session

After completing at least one of the self-study modules and Defining your thesis, you will now be ready to submit and receive feedback on the text corresponding to that module.

To finish the course, you must successfully complete the videos and analysis tasks from at least three modules, A–E, submit text from three chapters of your own thesis and schedule feedback sessions with a course teacher for those chapters. Of these modules, one of your submitted texts must be the introduction chapter (but not for ELEC students completing ELEC-E0210)

However, please note that access to Module E (Feedback session) requires that you have already completed either Module C (Final version) or Module D (Final version), as both contain key information necessary for writing an abstract.

When to attend the Thesis Writing for Engineers course?

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