Session name


5.9.   (12-14)

Course introduction

Course practicalities; general motivational basis; definitions and areas of leadership

7.9.   (12-15)

Self-leadership workshop 1

The importance of leading yourself; self-leadership in terms of career design

12.9.  (12-14)

Leadership theories

Evolution of leadership theories; traditional and dominant theories vs. the New Paradigm approaches

14.9.  (12-15)

Self-leadership workshop 2

Continuation from Workshop 1

19.9.  (12-14)

Leadership models and styles

Transformational and transactional styles; Servant leadership; Ethical and authentic leadership; Leadership Grid; Four Framework approach

21.9.   (12-14)

Leading teams

Group behavior; Leadership actions in teams; Communication within teams; building efficient teams

26.9.   (12-14)

Leading virtual teams

Remote work; virtual workplace; virtual teams & dispersed teams and their challenges to leadership

28.9.   (12-14)

Skills and practices of a leader

Learning from the “best practices” of leadership; learnable skills and practices

3.10.   (12-14)

Communicating effectively

Leadership & managerial communication; interaction; choosing the right channels; rhetoric; influential communication

5.10.   (12-14)

Cultural aspects to leadership

National and organizational culture in terms of leadership; Cultural intelligence; Diversity and inclusion

10.10. (12-14)

Organizational design

Strategic leadership; organizational structure; Organizational design as a methodology

12.10. (12-14)

Panel discussion: the future of leadership


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