Study of how human and computer interface together
Everytime human and computer interact with each other wether they are aware of it
The daily interactions and interactivity between us (the user) and and devices such as laptop, tv, ev, or even the device on a bus where you punch your hsl card. interactions include the way you navigate the interface of these devices for example.
When a human is in contact with any device having some type of computer built in. often the human needs to get something out of the interaction
Ui, ux, design, some psychology about how humans use computers best
Learn about the different interactions that take place, and more about how to design the best ui ux, that is accessible to all.
It is the study of interface between user and computer
The dialogue between a human and a computer. input, user experience, results. ui is important also.
All interactions between computer and humasn - we mainly talked about user interface
The study of how computers affect humans and how that should affect the design of computers and software
User interface, user experience and psychological / sociological effects of computers
Everything about a human using a computer of some sort (sometimes even the other way around)
It's how we interact with computer interface
Study how people interact with computers and how to improve that interaction
A bridge that helps to connet human and computer
Effort make it easy for humans to interact with computers
The act of giving input to and receiving output from a computer
Hci is defined by the goal to make the communication between the user and the machine as efficient as possible. this includes the design of virtual interfaces (software) as well as physical interfaces(hardware).
It's a field which focuses on how the interaction between the two medium takes place and enhancing that experience
Human-computer interaction is about how we as humans interact with computers, how to analyze and improve this interaction.
A bridge that communicates between human and machine
Any action that took place bewteen human and a computer machanism
Research, design, requirements engineering and implementation of interactive interfaces between people and computers
Accessibility, user experience, interfaces, social norms
Designing, planning and implementing user interfaces that are comfortable and facilitate correct, efficient and secure usage
Interaction design regarding the touchpoints between the user and the application that serves the user.
Human-computer interaction is the way software or a device is designed to be interacted by humans. hci is can be made accessible and easily usable for everyone if enough attention is used in designing it.
The way humans use computers and how e.g. websites can be designed to be easy to use for different audiences
Human friendly ui design
Hci is the study of how people interact with machines
How humans interface with software
How human psychology and behaviour affect ui design
A study about how humans as the users interact with computers with some design technologies
It is a platform for people to be able to interact with different digital applications easily and seamlessly. it focuses on enhancing user experience.
It's the intersection of psychology, computational design, and development of products for users by users.
It's the exchange of information between humans and computers (from smartphones to servers to robots) and the design of the tools intended to mediate such exchanges.
Designing the interfaces used on computers (ui/ux)
Interacting with computers through, e.g., visual interfaces with some control system. the interaction can happen either picture or voice.
It's about presenting computer interactivity in an intuitive human-readable form.
The ways humans input or get information from systems that are run by computers.
Neat interfaces designed to be easily used by humans, and serve their needs.
I would interpt the term quite literally and hci being the study of all interactions between computers and humans.
When mark zuckerberg has a meeting
The bridge between the customer needs and the engineering side.
Human-computer defines how a user uses/interacts/perceives software
It's the way humans and computers act upon each other
User interface and user experience. the processes and workflows involved and encountered by users when using technology.
Humans using computer interfaces
A field of study that aims to make computers and related things accessible for everyone.
Everything that human interact with, e.g, sound, display moniter, typing keyboard,interactive icon,...
A interface provided by the computer for users to generate input into the computer system
The way humans can utilize the technologies provided to them in order to better their lives
Her (2013)
Design of an interface so that humans and computers can understand each other
What elon musk does at neuralink
This discipline studies the connection beetwen user and computer. the way people behave and use them. their expectations and wishes.
I think it is about how humans behave with computers: how they use them, what is intuitive for humans and about how systems are designed: how the computers/systems allow easy and effecitive use by humans.
Interaction between the user and the computer program/website, etc. how to make it usable and nice to look at.
It is somewhat of a design where human can understand what computers are trying to do, while the interface of computers is easy to comprehend and express themselves to users(?)
The act of humans to use computers on holistic level (includes wider set of actions than just clicking the screen etc...)
When a human interacts with any digital machine i.e. using a calculator
How computers, machines, and humans interact and communicate. design, psychology and techonology combined.
Hci is preparing interactions of humans with computers and anticipate their reactions with them.
Designing user interfaces of devices/products and using them
How humans interact with computers
Designing how the customer will use the website/app. how they will know what everything does and how to use the application easily. ui/ux design on the frontend.
- interaction between human and computer
Hci is generally users' experience when using (interacting with) the computers
User interface, user needs and wants, different users, physical interaction, what to not show to the user
Design, research, development of ways to make it possible for humans to leverage computation when pursuing their goals
Designing interfaces to enable human users to effectiv utilise digital systems
The way how systems are designed and implmented in order to take input from human users, or give output to human users
Hci is what happens in technology interface used by a human (user).
I expect to get an introduction to how the users behave to different interfaces and how they should be designed according to different target groups.
Willing or unwilling collaboration / interaction with a computer
Methods and strategies to optimize the use of technology for human-centered interactions
I would say its the study of how a technology is designed so a person can use it. ux design would fall under this category
Any task that requires information transfer from human to computer or vice versa
It's a field focusing on evaluating how to facilitate communication between an interface and a user.
Easily understandable interaction between human and computer (ui).
To make computer compute desired things as efficiently as possible.
Hci represents the science which studies how humans interact with computers. what are the emotions that they can perceive from the computer? how can a computer interface be designed for a correct and successful interaction with humans?
Interface design and analysing user experience of computers
It studies the interaction of humans and computers - the interface between human actions and computer functionality
Menu design, interface theory, control analysis
Designing interfaces to enable human users to effectively utilise digital systems
User experience
Interaction between human and computer
Ux design
Interaction between humans and computers

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