MVBS Exam on 7.12.202 kl. 09.00 - 12.00

The course exam consists of 4 essay type of questions on the key themes: customer value, value proposition, the proactive sales process, the different processes included in the "big picture" of sales management, individual selling skills, and funnel and opportunity management, 

You answer 4 of the 6 questions by writing a short essay (half a page)

You are allowed to have printed copies of the following articles in the exam:

1) "Value propositions in business markets", Harvard Business Review, Anderson et al (2006)
2) "Selling solutions by selling value" in book “Practices and Tools for Servitization” Töytäri (2018)
3) "Value-based selling: An organizational capability perspective", Industrial Marketing Management, Töytäri & Rajala (2015)
4) "Assessing value co-creation and value capture potential in services: a management framework", Benchmarking – An International Journal, Töytäri (2015)

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