Picking an organization to donate to

One activity I want to end on is having you use your own insights to choose where I donate some money, on your behalf.  I will donate 15 euros to whichever organization/project you personally choose. (I.e., 15 euros per person in the course, so your answer sends 15 euros somewhere.)

I have chosen a diverse set of projects, some of which are not MBD at all, but are organizations I like.  I do this partially because I like those organizations, and partially to create a tension and make you reflect on the value of MBD versus other initiatives :)

After the class I will post receipts to the course DropBox.

Option 1:  Fuel efficient and low emission cook stoves (Gold Standard)

Fuel efficient and low emission cook stoves, specifically in Guinea.  This donation more or less goes to the purchase of carbon offset credits, with those credits being used to subsidize the cost of cook stoves for people in Guinea.  Each offset credit is US$20, so I will do the currency conversion and round up.  More information can be found here:

Option 2: Supporting microentrepreneurs (Kiva)

Kiva is an organization many of you may know.  They support micro entrepreneurs through invididual, crowdsourced loans. They do accept donations to cover their own overhead costs, and that is where this donation would go: as well as In essence, donations help ensure that 100% of loans go tho the recipient. I encourage you to take a look at some of the entrepreneurs they are supporting, and consider contributing to some loans as well.  If you contribute to a loan, you actually will get the money back. a

Option 3: Médecins Sans Frontières

I've always liked Doctors Without Borders, as they do great work.  This is obviously not MBD though, but is a great organization.

Option 4: The Red Cross for Ukraine Aid

I think it is hard to not be affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, especially while sitting in Finland. There are many refugees and displaced people who need support there.  This is obviously neither MBD, nor the Global South, but is a great cause.

Your choice!

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