Please note! Course description is confirmed for two academic years, which means that in general, e.g. Learning outcomes, assessment methods and key content stays unchanged. However, via course syllabus, it is possible to specify or change the course execution in each realization of the course, such as how the contact sessions are organized, assessment methods weighted or materials used.


The student is able to:
1. describe the motivation for synthetic biology as a development in the technical use of biology
2. demonstrate aspects of biotechnology that currently pose limitations for its industrial use and to analyze how synthetic biology can be applied as a solution.
3. apply the concepts of synthetic biology for the design of biological systems.
4. list current research questions in the field.

Credits: 5

Schedule: 25.02.2019 - 31.05.2019

Teacher in charge (valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022): Merja Penttilä

Teacher in charge (applies in this implementation): Merja Penttilä

Contact information for the course (applies in this implementation):

CEFR level (applies in this implementation):

Language of instruction and studies (valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022):

Teaching language: English

Languages of study attainment: English


  • Valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022:

    Terminology and concepts of synthetic biology. Examples of applications of synthetic biology for industrial use. Engineering principles for parts and devices. Use of computational methods. The concept of microbial chemical factories. Analysis of future needs for biological production. Re-design of biological pathways. Applying skills in biosciences, physics, and chemistry for solving scientific, technological, medical and environmental problems.

Assessment Methods and Criteria
  • Valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022:

    Lectures and assignments. Group work and student presentations. Exam.

    Evaluation of learning of the course content is measured in the final examination.

  • Valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022:

    Total 135 h = 5cr
    Lectures 24 h
    Assignments 24 h
    Other independent studying 83 h
    Exam 4 h


Study Material
  • Valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022:

    To be announced later

SDG: Sustainable Development Goals

    9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

    12 Responsible Production and Consumption

    13 Climate Action