Credits: 5

Schedule: 09.01.2019 - 29.03.2019

Contact information for the course (applies in this implementation): 

For personal matters related to the course administration , you can contact the course email address at cs-e4160(at)

For help with assignments and discussion with other students, we have a slack channel which can be found here .

Teaching Period (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

III-IV (Spring)

Learning Outcomes (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

You have practical understanding and hands-on experience of networking and network-security technologies. You can build a computer network in practice and know the basic settings for an IP-based network. You are able to install and configure network services.
You can test and analyze network protocols and applications and interpret their workings based on the specifications. You know how to monitor and analyze network traffic and how to specify and install protection mechanisms including security protocols and traffic filters. The learning outcome may vary depending on the choice of assigments.

Content (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

The course consists of laboratory assignments related to designing and operating computer networks, telecommunications software and network services. Students will become familiar with common networking and security solutions and analysis tools. In this course, students apply principles learned in other courses.

Assessment Methods and Criteria (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Participation in the first lecture, assignments and course feedback.

Elaboration of the evaluation criteria and methods, and acquainting students with the evaluation (applies in this implementation): 

You can get 5 or 10 ECTS from this course:

  • Path A or Path B: 5 ECTS, intro + 4 mandatory assignments (+ 1 extra)
  • Path A+B: 10 ECTS, intro + 8 mandatory assignments (+ 1 extra)

Extra assignments can be used to replace missed mandatory assignment
or to increase your total score.

5 credits

All assignment points are scaled to [0,100] and summed together. The grade limits are:

    1: 300p
    2: 350p
    3: 400p
    4: 450p
    5: 500p

10 credits

All assignment points are scaled to [0,100] and summed together. The grade limits are:

    1: 500p
    2: 600p
    3: 700p
    4: 800p
    5: 900p

Workload (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Lectures 2 h, assignments 131 h (for 5 cr)

Study Material (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Protocol specifications and software documentation.

Substitutes for Courses (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Replaces former courses T-110.5102 Laboratory Works in Networking and Security, T-110.5101 Laboratory Works on Datacommunications Software and T-110.5201 Laboratory Works on Information Security.

Prerequisites (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

ELEC-C7241 / CSE-C2400 Computer Networks and CS-C3130 / CSE-C3400 Information Security or equivalent skills; basic Unix skills.

Grading Scale (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 


Further Information (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

The contents of the course vary.

Details on the schedule (applies in this implementation): 

The schedule can be found in the Schedule Section of the course webpages


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