Credits: 2

Schedule: 08.04.2019 - 12.04.2019

Teaching Period (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

I-II, III-IV (organized twice a year: autumn 2018, spring 2019)

Learning Outcomes (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

After the course doctoral students will identify the basic concepts and methods in scientific research, they can recognize some issues in research ethics, career planning and use effectively some services available. Students can name some organizational structures and have connections to some people in their research environment and can apply these connections to co-operation and sharing of ideas.

Content (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

The course introduces some basic practical, technical, and theoretical knowledge and skills and organizational structures and people that are necessary and essential in scientific research and life of a doctoral student.

Assessment Methods and Criteria (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Active participation in the seminars, assignments

Workload (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

2 cr = 53 h:
Seminars 12 h
Assignments, group and independent work 41 h

3 cr = 80 h:
Seminars 12 h
Assignments, group and independent work 68 h

Study Material (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

See the MyCourses space of the course

Substitutes for Courses (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Replaces courses ELEC-L0901 Introduction to Doctoral Studies 3 cr and ELEC-0.9902 Introduction to doctoral studies 2 cr

Course Homepage (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020):

Grading Scale (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Pass / Fail

Registration for Courses (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Do registration in WebOodi, and submit the preliminary assignment in time. Instructions for the preliminary assignment are published in the MyCourses space of the course.

The course is for doctoral students of Aalto ELEC. Persons employed as doctoral candidates by Aalto ELEC can begin the course work, but will complete the course after they are accepted as doctoral students. Number of participants accepted can be limited. Those students for whom this course is compulsory are preferred, and after that other doctoral students of Aalto ELEC who are at early stages of their studies.

Further Information (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Language class 3: English


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