Please note! Course description is confirmed for two academic years, which means that in general, e.g. Learning outcomes, assessment methods and key content stays unchanged. However, via course syllabus, it is possible to specify or change the course execution in each realization of the course, such as how the contact sessions are organized, assessment methods weighted or materials used.


You are able to utilize the observation process of life model while drawing human form. In your own work you learn to observe your own perspective in relation to human form and its anatomy. You will practice to picture human form from different perspectives, in different ordinary moments and in different clothing.

Credits: 1

Schedule: 19.10.2020 - 21.10.2020

Teacher in charge (valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022): Marja Nurminen

Teacher in charge (applies in this implementation): Matti Hagelberg, Hanna Westerberg-Aboularoih

Contact information for the course (applies in this implementation):

CEFR level (applies in this implementation):

Language of instruction and studies (valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022):

Teaching language: English

Languages of study attainment: English


  • Valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022:

    In this course we will study the live model by drawing. We inspect the ways of depicting the human form that are common in the practice of professional comic artists. The topics of the course are: 

    - Depicting human figure from different perpectives.
    - Drawing the human hand. What is hand functionally, anatomically or plastically? 
    - Human figure in clothes. How the human anatomy or diffent cloth materials will be manifested in different situations?
    - How to depict human form in common situations? How to depict the same figure as eidetic character in different perpectives so that you can differentiate that it is the same human character? How to depict feel of movement?

Assessment Methods and Criteria
  • Valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022:

    The course will be executed as contact teaching while drawing life model and related exercises. Drawing in different time sequences and scales with charcoal, pencil and ink.

    In different stages of the course there will be personal feedback for the student as group discussions. The criterias of estimation will be attendance and successful execution of exercises.

  • Valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022:

    24 hours contact teaching, 3 hours independent work.

SDG: Sustainable Development Goals

    5 Gender Equality

    12 Responsible Production and Consumption