Please note! Course description is confirmed for two academic years, which means that in general, e.g. Learning outcomes, assessment methods and key content stays unchanged. However, via course syllabus, it is possible to specify or change the course execution in each realization of the course, such as how the contact sessions are organized, assessment methods weighted or materials used.


Credits: 1

Schedule: 17.03.2021 - 27.05.2021

Teacher in charge (valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022): Kari Hiekkanen, Johanna Kaipio, Marjo Kauppinen, Casper Lassenius, Marko Nieminen, Risto Sarvas

Teacher in charge (applies in this implementation): Johanna Kaipio

Contact information for the course (valid 19.01.2021-21.12.2112):

Co-teachers: Nina Karisalmi, Paula Valkonen and Mari Tyllinen

CEFR level (applies in this implementation):

Language of instruction and studies (valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022):

Teaching language: English

Languages of study attainment: English


  • Valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022:

    The contents of this course vary.

  • Applies in this implementation:

    How to be a UX leader? This course will explore current Finnish top-companies and how they manage and lead user experience design and service development. The course will be organized as a combination of guest lecturers and literature review. We will also investigate the different career paths you can take as a UX professional. We will hear how our Aalto alumni have designed their own careers. 

    This online course will consist of two weekly lectures on a series of topics with invited guest speakers and related discussion, based on presentation and reading materials. In addition the course includes individual assignments, details below. The weekly sessions will be held using Zoom.

    This course can be taken as 1, 3 or 5 credits. Grading is Pass/Fail. 

    1cr = active participation on 8 lectures (theme UX management) + learning diary.

    3cr = active participation on 12 lectures (theme UX management) + reading materials + learning diary.

    5cr = 3cr + active participation on 6 additional lectures (theme career path) + working on own CV+portfolio

    These lectures can alternatively be included in the course CS-E5000 Seminar in Software and Service Engineering, 5 credits. Grading 0-5. All information for taking the seminar course is updated on these special course pages.

Assessment Methods and Criteria
  • Applies in this implementation:

    All students must actively participate in weekly lectures (1/3/5 credits), an online learning diary (1/3/5 credits), complete selected readings (3/5 credits) and create their CV & start working on their portfolio (5 credits).

  • Applies in this implementation:

    1cr = Weekly lectures (18 hours) and learning diary (9 hours).

    3cr = Weekly lectures (18+8 hours), weekly readings (28 hours) and learning diary (27 hours).

    5cr = Weekly lectures (18+8+12 hours), weekly readings (28 hours), learning diary (33 hours) and CV & portfolio (36 hours).


Substitutes for Courses
  • Valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022:

    Replaces former courses CSE-E5697 Special Course in Software and Service Engineering and CSE-E6250 Digital Service Design, Course with Varying Content.


Details on the schedule
  • Applies in this implementation:

    Lectures on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 15:15-17:15 on the following days:  

    • 17.3., 18.3., 24.3., 25.3., 7.4., 8.4., (14.4., 15.4.; these overlap with the exam week and we are working on rescheduling them) (= 1cr) 

    • previous + 21.4., 22.4., 28.4., 29.4. (= 3cr) 

    • all previous + 5.5., 6.5., 12.5., 19.5., 20.5., 27.5. (= 5 cr)

    DL for learning diary and CV & portfolio is 4.6.