The goal of the teaching practice is to develop participants' teaching skills. In the course you have an opportunity to try new approaches or teaching methods under guidance and receive feedback on your teaching. You will observe your peers' teaching and learn from them. When you reflect on your and your peers' teaching you develop your teaching competence and yourself as a teacher.

The course begins with a kick-off meeting on the 30th August 2023, 12.15–15.45.
Place: Otakaari 1, U259.

The schedule of the group meetings will be agreed in the kick-off meeting.

The course comprises the following elements:

  • Kick-off session (Wednesday 30.8.2023)
  • Group meetings: feedback for teaching observations and discussions (official observers give verbal and written feedback)
  • Teaching observations: observing your peers' teaching and providing oral and written feedback on their teaching,
  • Teaching observations: observing other teaching including teaching in upper secondary level (lukio) or university of applied sciences (AMK),
  • Own teaching: practical implementation of the teaching practice,
  • Compiling teaching practice plan including own teaching philosophy, course design, peer feedback, and reflection of observations.
  • Final session Thursday December 7th 2023 12.15 -14.15

DL for the final version of teaching practice report XX.XX.2023

Anna & Samu

Contact information:

  • Anna Vilhunen, teacher-in-charge (anna.vilhunen@aalto.fi)
  • Samu Tikkanen, co-teacher (samu.tikkanen@aalto.fi)