Topic outline

  • The outline includes the course learning outcomes, grading criteria, assignments and course schedule.

  •     Detailed instructions for assignments 1, 2 and 4 (assignment 3 is the in-class test):

    Assignments at a glance

    A1: Written request (25%). Deadlines: 4.11 (draft); 11.11 (final) 
    This group assignment requires you to analyse a communication situation (10%) and to write a persuasive request (15%) to top management.

    A2: Persuasive presentation (20%). Deadlines: 4.11 (outline); 11.11 (presentation); 18.11 (reflection) 
    This individual assignment requires you to give a short 5-7 minute persuasive presentation. You will be graded on two deliverables: a strategy outline (10%) and a reflection paper (10%).

    A3: In-class closed book test (20%). 18.11
    The closed-book test will be based on chapters 1, 3 & 4 of the Munter course textbook.

    A4: Persuasive team presentation (25%). Deadlines: 24.11 (outline); 2.12 (presentation); 9.12 (appraisal) 
    In groups, you will give a 15-minute persuasive presentation (15%). You will also write a one-page critical evaluation (single-spaced) of your presentation (10%). The critical appraisal is an individual assignment.

    You'll find all the assignments below. You should also upload the final versions of each your assigments here. 

  • Please get the course book before the course begins:

    Munter, Mary: Guide to Managerial Communication (7-10th ed. ISBN 0-13-146704-2)

  • Please upload your analysis of the case here. Be prepared to give a very short presentation of your analysis to the rest of the class if so required.

  • Please upload here, on November 24, 2 p.m. at the latest

    1. your strategy outline
    2. your preview slide
    3. 2-3 questions you have related to the presentation.

    Consultation times:

    14.15 Team 1 (;;;

    14.45 Team 2 (;;;

    15.15 Team 3 (;;;

    15.45 Team 4 (;;;

    16.15 Team 5 (;;;

    In case you have a problem with your time slot, please try to exchange it with another team!

  • This course involves a great deal of group work, so for grading purposes it's important for me to get an idea of how much members of your team have contributed. Please use the form to evaluate your own and others' contribution to your group work. Upload your evaluations to the folder provided. Thanks.