Topic outline

  •     Detailed instructions for assignments 1, 2 and 4 (assignment 3 is the in-class test):

    Assignments at a glance

    A1: Written request (25%). Deadlines: 4.11 (draft); 11.11 (final) 
    This group assignment requires you to analyse a communication situation (10%) and to write a persuasive request (15%) to top management.

    A2: Persuasive presentation (20%). Deadlines: 4.11 (outline); 11.11 (presentation); 18.11 (reflection) 
    This individual assignment requires you to give a short 5-7 minute persuasive presentation. You will be graded on two deliverables: a strategy outline (10%) and a reflection paper (10%).

    A3: In-class closed book test (20%). 18.11
    The closed-book test will be based on chapters 1, 3 & 4 of the Munter course textbook.

    A4: Persuasive team presentation (25%). Deadlines: 24.11 (outline); 2.12 (presentation); 9.12 (appraisal) 
    In groups, you will give a 15-minute persuasive presentation (15%). You will also write a one-page critical evaluation (single-spaced) of your presentation (10%). The critical appraisal is an individual assignment.

    You'll find all the assignments below. You should also upload the final versions of each your assigments here.