Topic outline

  • Here you will find the pre-assignments concerning the contact sessions. The aim for the pre-assignments is to prepare you to the themes beforehand. Assignments are in form of reading material, writing material and search of information.

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      As an introduction to the first contact session, please write a short essay based on the questions below. The length of the essay is approximately 1 page. Please submit the
      essay to this submission box by the end of Wednesday, October 14, 2015. In addition, please print out the text and bring it with you to the first face-to-face session on October 19.

      1. How would you describe learning?
      2. What is your role as a teacher in your students' learning process?
      3. What is your role in departmental development in your teaching area?
      4. What are your strengths as a teacher?

      Be prepared to discuss these issues briefly in small groups during the first face-to-face session.

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      In the second contact session, we will have a discussion concerning course curriculum. As an
      introduction, please select one course in which you act as a responsible teacher and bring
      course description/syllabus to the contact session. Upload the syllabus to this submission box before the class session (i.e. by 8.55 am on October 26).

      In addition, please read the attached article "Planning teaching and learning - Curriculum design and development”
      (Stefani, L. 2009, p. 40-57. In A handbook for teaching and learning in higher education: enhancing
      academic practice (ed. Fry, H., Ketteridge, S. and Marshall, S.).

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      The third pre-assignment is about 1) observing your own field of study and 2) reading an article.
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      Sadaat, Peter, Marja, Laura E.

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      Anton, Katariina, Mikko, Fernando

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      Plan a 10-minute interactive teaching session for the other students in the course. In class, we will then divide you into four smaller groups, and you will all get the opportunity to deliver your 10-minute session to other students.

      You can freely choose what you want the other students to learn in your small session, e.g. something from your own field or something completely different, as long as you focus on teaching it somehow interactively, not through traditional lecturing.

      Upload your plan here before class, by 8.55 am on November 23. Also, bring it to class if you need it to deliver the session.

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      Read the two attached cases. Then, answer the following questions:

      Case 1 - Sonera

      1. How do you use cases in your teaching?

      2. What would be typical questions that students would be asked to answer based on this case?

      3. How would you answer the questions that you outline in question 2 if you were a student (please provide your real answers)?

      Case 2 - Lincoln

      1. How would you prepare for teaching this particular case?

      2. What would be your teaching objectives, teaching methods and expectations of class performance?

      3. How would you facilitate students' learning experience?

      4. If you wanted to write a case on a company from your field, what do you expect the different tasks / stages in the entire process would be?

      5. If you wrote a case, what do you think the main challenges would be?

      Upload your pre-assignment here before the contact session, i.e. by 8.55 am on November 30.

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      Plans for teaching exercise, DL 8.12.

      Submit your teaching plan here!
      The teaching practice consists of three parts:
      1) a written plan,
      2) teaching according to the plan, and
      3) verbal and written peer feedback.

      The written task is to plan a single 20 minutes teaching session for a small group of 3-4 persons. The session may be a part of your own current course, a part of an imaginary new course or some other teaching situation that is relevant to your own field. Take into account the participants' background knowledge, which is usually quite heterogenic in this course. After each teaching practice, the teacher and the peer group members will give written feedback and have a feedback discussion with you. The teaching practice is a good opportunity to try a new teaching method or some other new ideas in teaching.

      Write a plan for your teaching practice, including:

      1. Intended learning outcomes

      Define the targets for your teaching session and write them in the form of intended learning outcomes. When you plan the learning outcomes, remember that the length of the session is only 20 minutes!


      2. Teaching methods and motivation for them

      Use as the starting point your intended learning outcomes and choose teaching method(s) that support them. Aim at trying a method that challenges you to something new. However, the main point is that the method supports the learning you are striving for. You can find different teaching methods e.g., in Hyppönen's and Lindén's   Handbook for Teachers ( If needed, you can bring along items or gear that support your teaching.


      3.      Assessment of learning

      How could you find out what the students have learned, and how would you assess the learning? You may not have time to assess the learning outcomes during your teaching practice, but nevertheless keep it in mind. Your choice of teaching methods also has an effect on the amount of feedback you get from your students during your teaching.


      4. Timeline (or "rhythm of teaching”)

      It is worthwhile to make a timeline for the teaching practice in order to realize how much (or little) content and action you can include in 20 minutes. Consider the situation from the participants' perspective and try to make the learning experience as rewarding as possible.

      Submit your plan on MyCourses by 8.12.2015. In addition, bring along four (4) paper copies to the teaching practice on the 6th contact session.
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      Make up assignment - submission box

       If you are absent from the contact session, you can substitute it by an extra assignment. The main idea is to gain understanding what we have gone through during the session, not just repeat what has been said on slides. :)  We hope you return your assignment before the next session.

      How to write a make up assignment?

      • Familiarize yourself with the teaching material of the contact day (available on MyCourses) as well as given reading material and pre-assignments.
        • Review also the material produced by the course participants during the contact day. 
      • Try to understand the message of the slides. You may also search for extra information (note: slides only support contact teaching).
      • Write an essay (half day session about 2 pages and whole day session 3 pages) in which you share your own experiences, thoughts, questions, doubts and ideas related to slides or other material.
      • Submit it below.