• Welcome to Providing and Utilizing Feedback course (3/5 op)

    The course consists of two whole day teaching sessions and one half-day teaching session. In addition we ask you to do pre- and home assignments. The timeline of the course is below.

    • Time & Location

      Tuesday         22.11.2016    9:15-15:30    Fazer C-331, Töölö

      Tuesday         13.12.2016    9:15-12:00    Fazer C-331, Töölö

      Tuesday         17.1.2017      9:15-15:30    Fazer C-331, Töölö

    • Contact

      Päivi Kinnunen, paivi.kinnunen(at)aalto.fi

      Maija Lampinen, maija.lampinen(at)aalto.fi