Topic outline

  • Before starting the course

    Pre-assignment - see page Pre-assignment

    After course session 1. (Tuesday 10.1.2017)

    Read and familiarise yourself with the materials for the next session 1.2.2017

    Biggs, John and Tang, Katherine. Teaching for Quality Learning at University. 2007. (4th ed.) McGraw-Hill, pages 16-39. E-book is available:

    Hunt, L. & Chalmers, D. (eds) 2013. University teaching in focus. A learning-centred approach. London & New York:   Routledge. Pages 21-37/chapter 2. E-book is available - PLS note max three readers at the same time

    • Bring the texts with you next time
    • Be ready to work on the read material!
    • Start thinking about your individual plan for teaching practice (practice held on 2.3.2017)

    After course session 2. (Wednesday 1.2.2017)

    Topic 1: Learning outcomes (Ana Diaz, Enrico, Peter, Rajkumar, Sini)

    Declan Kennedy, Áine Hyland, Norma Ryan:

    Writing and Using Learning Outcomes: a Practical Guide

    Topic 2: Students’ workload (Alex, Ari, Leena, Marko J., Vitalija)

    Karjalainen, A., Alha, K. ja Jutila, S. (2006) Give me time to think. (pp.9-39)

    About workload and learning - credits and calculation:

    Topic 3: Teaching methods (Eva, Juulia, Marko H., Markus, Tuomas)

    Hyppönen, O. & Lindén, S. Handbook for teachers – course structures, Teaching methods and assessment, Chapter 4, pp. 34-55,

    Topic 4. Learning assessment (Aigar, Kamyar, Mady, Mika, Ted, Parinya)

    Brown, S. & Race, P. (2013) Using effective assessment to promote learning, in Hunt, L. & Chalmers, D. (ed.) University teaching in focus. A learning-centred approach. Pp. 74-91.

    Pls remember the maximum nbr of e-learning licences (3) with this material!

    • After course session 3. (Tuesday 14.2.2017)

    • After course session 4. (Thursday 2.3.2017)

    • After course session 5. (Tuesday 21.3.2017)