Topic outline

  • Submitting the internship application

    The internship report you have submitted here will be stored in Turnitin student papers repository (comparison database) in order to secure your work against plagiarism. Your permission for storing is asked during the submission. See for illustrated instructions for submission: Aalto University Instructions on Turnitin for Students. 

    In order for you to submit the final version of your internship report on MyCourses, you have to include the internship form, copy of employment certificate and application in the same PDF file, together with the internship report. Please see further instructions on Into:

    Please note!

    •    Submit your application only in the folder with the code representing a) the stage of your studies and b) the extent of the internship.

    •    If you have used the Turnitin authenticity programme to your internship report, revise the possible flaws shown by Turnitin before submitting the final version on MyCourses. See further instructions on using Turnitin for preventing plagiarism Aalto University Instructions on Turnitin for Students.

    • Please, enrol yourself to this workspace by clicking the link below after you have logged in to MyCourses with your Aalto account on the upper right corner.

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