Topic outline

  • General

    Responsible teacher: Mikko Rönkkö

    Teaching period: III-IV (Spring)

    Workload: 3-6 cr


    The goal is to develop an understanding of how multivariate statistical methods are used in management research and how results are usually presented in journal articles. The course is designed for both those interested in just reading and understanding research done with statistical methods and for those who already use or plan to use statistical research methods in their own work.

    During the course we will go through six empirical papers published in Academy of Management Journal and Strategic Management Journal, and analyze how these papers were done. The methods and research designs used in these papers cover a majority of methods and designs used in these journals. If you master all the methods and techniques presented during the course, you would be ideally capable to publish in these journals - if you have already a new theoretical insight and access to appropriate data.

    The number of credits varies between 3-6 depending on which assignments students choose to complete. Assignments can be done independently or during the five optional computer exercise sessions. The content of each course component is explained later in the course brochure.

    Who can participate:

    This course is targeted to industrial engineering and management doctoral students. A prerequisite for the course is TU-L0000 - Research Methods in Industrial Engineering and Management. Faculty or students from other departments or universities are admitted if space permits.