Topic outline

  • PED-131.9000 Teaching assistant as a learning instructor (2 cr, fall 2017)

    Welcome to the ELEC course page of teaching assistant as a learning instructor.

    The course, comprising four three-hour teaching sessions, is designed to provide you with tools and ideas to support your work as a teaching assistant. Each session will deal with one or two themes in an interactive manner. You can earn two credit points by attending all four teaching sessions and doing all the course work, and, if you are interested in pursuing further pedagogical studies at Aalto, you can use these credit points as part of the A! Peda Intro (5 cr) –course.

    Learning outcomes

    After the course you will

    • be able to observe the classroom environment from the learning perspective and identify aspects to support students' learning process
    • recognise ways to support students' study motivation
    • identify your role as a learning instructor

    Course schedule and place

    The schedule for the course is the following:

    • Friday 29.9.2017 at 9.00-12.00
    • Friday 13.10.2017 at 9.00-12.00
    • Friday 27.10.2017 at 9.00-12.00
    • Friday 10.11.2017 at 9.00-12.00

    The course will be held in Otaniemi in the TUAS building (Maarintie 8) classroom TU6 (room number 1200).

    Course teachers

    This course is organised by Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering Learning Services in cooperation with Aalto University School of Science Learning Services and the University Pedagogical training network. The course teachers are Luis Costa and Maija Lampinen (, educational developers at ELEC Learning Services.

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