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  • Update 1.8.2023: We are back from the summer break. The seminars are organized on Thursdays in seminar room F277 also during the autumn term. Please contact in advance if you need any special arrangements (e.g., a zoom connection to include outside-Aalto participants connecting online). If you present your MSc Thesis outside the regular seminar hours, please see instructions here:
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    In NBE student seminar, students of Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering (NBE) give presentations related to their studies. These presentations include MSc Thesis, special assignment, and BSc Thesis talks as well as practice talks for conferences. Information on these talks is collected and shared through this workspace. To read/receive seminar announcements or to book a talk slot, please start by enrolling using the button below.

    In academic year 2022--2023 , the seminar will be on Thursday, from 14h to 15h45. The seminars are organised in seminar room F227 in Health Technology House (Rakentajanaukio 2C). The first talk will start at 14h15 and the second talk at 15h00. The talk announced first will be given first, unless otherwise noted. If there is only one talk, it will be at 14h15, unless otherwise agreed. The duration of a MSc Thesis talk is 20 minutes, a Special Assignment talk is 15 minutes. The total duration of one presentation slot (including discussion etc) is 45 minutes.

    To book a slot for your talk, please use the scheduler below. There are by default two slots per week, so book early! In any case, book your slot before noon on Monday of the presentation week.

    Before noon on the Monday of the presentation week, send a seminar announcement that contains relevant information:
    • the announcement title: the type of the talk, date and time of the seminar
    • your name
    • the title of your talk
    • the type of the talk (e.g., MSc Thesis, special assignment, practice talk)
    • the supervisor and instructor of the corresponding study work
    • the place, where the work was/is done (research group at NBE, research group elsewhere, a company, etc.)
    • an abstract of the talk/work (use the official abstract, if there is one. If not, write a free-form 100--200 word abstract).
    If you are planning to present a MSc Thesis or special assignment, please agree on the presentation time with your supervisor or instructor before booking the slot (the supervisor must be present in MSc talks; in special assignment talks, either the supervisor or instructor needs to be there).

    More information on SCI Master's Theses:
    More information on NBE Special Assignments:

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  • Special assignment seminar is a required part of special assignments done at the Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering (NBE):

    NBE-E4600 Special Assignment
    NBE-E4500 Special Assignment in Human Neuroscience
    NBE-E4510 Special Assignment in Biomedical Engineering
    NBE-E4520 Special Assignment in Human Neuroscience

    In the seminar, each student

    1. participates to at least three seminar meetings.
    2. follows at least two special assignment or MSc Thesis end presentations before the session, where the student gives her own talk. The followed presentations can be in the same seminar session but not in the same session, where the student's own talk is.
    3. actively participates in feedback discussions, makes notes about the feedback (own opinions and summary of the discussion), and prepares her own presentation taking these notes into account.
    4. gives her own presentation after carrying out tasks 2 and 3.

    The seminar meetings are organized as part of NBE student seminar. To see seminar announcements, log on to MyCourses. To book a slot for your presentation or to subscribe to the newsfeed, enroll to the student seminar using MyCourses; you will get an enrollment key from your supervisor. In academic year 2022--2023, the seminar is on Thursdays starting at 14h in F227, Rakentajanaukio 2C. The first presentation starts at 14h15 sharp. Each seminar meeting can have up to two presentations. In addition to the meetings required for the special assignment, students are welcome to listen to any and as many presentations they like!

    The length of a presentation is 15 minutes. After each presentation, there is a two-part discussion session, chaired preferably by the supervisor or the instructor of the work. The first part is for scientific discussion about the presented research work, and the second part is for feedback on the presentation itself. The idea of the feedback part is to learn to give better presentations by giving and receiving constructive, supportive critique. In the feedback part, the presenting student should also reflect, how the presentation went, how she took learnings from earlier feedback sessions into account, etc.

    After agreeing on the presentation time with either the supervisor or instructor of the assignment, the student shall book a presentation slot using Seminar scheduler and make a seminar announcement via Seminar announcements page. The slot for the coming Thursday must be booked and the announcement made by noon of the Monday of the presentation week; as there are only two presentation slots per meeting, it might be a good idea to book early (especially for December and May).

    Note that the NBE Student Seminar contains not only special assignment presentations but also other student talks; only special assignment and MSc thesis presentations qualify for the special assignment seminar.

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