Topic outline

  • Physics special assignment

    The special assignments have a key role in the studies of engineering physics students at Aalto. Special assignments are not connected to a specific lecture course, but their requirements and expectations are like those of the bachelor’s thesis. Students may include special assignments in the elective studies of the BSc degree after finishing the BSc thesis, and one is compulsory in the MSc degree.

    The special assignments are usually small research or construction projects or literature surveys. Their aim is to teach independent work on certain scientific topics and to increase the students’ knowledge on selected fields of science and technology.

    The special assignments give students excellent opportunity to learn how to write technical or scientific reports, and to perfect these skills in preparation for the MSc thesis. Students should therefore pay special attention to the quality of the written report of their special assignment.

    There is one special assignment course in the Engineering physics study program:

    PHYS-E0441 – Physics Special Assignment V (10 cr)

    Teacher in charge of the course: Mika Sillanpää

    Supervisors: Professors and lecturers at the Department of Applied Physics, or at other technical departments at Aalto

    The topics of the special assignments can be related to research and teaching carried out at the Department of Applied Physics, in general to physics and its applications, and to research and development projects, also outside of academia. You can do more than one special assignment during your studies. One assignment is compulsory in the MSc program (in all the majors), and it is recommended to do it in the summer following the 1st year of MSc degree studies (at latest).

    You have to first register to the course: Syllabus -> Self enrolment.