Topic outline

  • Welcome to The Art of Mindful Interaction Workshop!

    Have you ever wondered why it's sometimes so difficlt to understand people with different backgrounds? Or have you ever been misunderstood when you are abroad? In our communication we often make lots of intepretations and assume things.

    In mindful interaction we really do listen to the others and try not to make unnecessary intepretations. Mindfulness is a state of non-judgemental awareness of the present moment - awareness of our body, emotions, thoughts and surroundings. This awarenes helps us to communicate more clearly. Regular mindfulness practice also develops our compassion towards ourselves and other people.

    During the workshop we learn:

    • how to be mindful in interaction with other people
    • how to be more aware of cultural backgrounds
    • how awareness of our emotions helps us to adjust in different cultures
    • how compassion deepens interaction

    This workshop fits well for international students and students returning from exchange.

    We have six sessions on Mondays 14:00-16:00 hrs from Oct 29th to Dec 3rd 2018, class room Majakka (M140), Otakaari 1. It's important to participate all the sessions because the workshop is based on interaction between the participants.

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    The workshop is held by psychologists Merita Petäjä and Minna Nevala.