Topic outline

  • UPDATED Schedule and teaching sessions

    • Kick-off session, introduction to the course, team building: Wednesday, April 17th at 16:15-18:00 (R038/V001)
    • Independent learning (no class, use the time to proceed with your projects): Wednesday, April 24th at 16:15-20:00
    • Work-in-progress presentations: Wednesday May 8th at 16:15-20:00 (R038/V001)
    • Group supervision (status check and work-in-progress case study): Wednesday, May 15th at 16:15-20:00
      • Group 1 (R038/T003)
      • Group 2 (R038/V001)
    • Case presentations: Wednesday, May 22th at 16:15-20:00 (R038/V001)
    • Case presentations: Thursday, May 23th at 16:15-20:30 (R038/V001)

    Additional (voluntary) teaching sessions (PLEASE LET US KNOW BY 24.4 IF YOU'D LIKE TO PARTICIPATE)

    • Voluntary seminar, Group supervision: Monday, April 29th at 16:15-20:00 (R038/T003) -> groups will be allocated a 20-30min slot
    • If you can't make if on 29th but would like to participate, we can arrange an additional supervision time for your group (please be in contact)

    Groups and presentation dates

    Wednesday 22.5. 16.15 ->

    Group 1 (Elsa Arola, Elina Satola, Pia Nickström)

    Group 2 (Tiia Penttinen, Jutta Sibakov, Jannica Stenbäck)

    Group 3 (Sini-Maria Riitala, Sara Metsänen, Jenna Juutilainen)

    Group 4 (Tiia Rae, Aino Väänänen, Henna Ojala)

    Group 5 (Thi Nguyen, Rodrigo de la Garza, Johanna Tolttila)

    Thursday 23.5. 16.15 ->

    Group 6 (Henri Haukkovaara, Katariina Ollari, Etel Niemelä)

    Group 7 (Antton Vappula, Jenni Janatuinen, Simo Kallioniemi)

    Group 8 (Siiri Laine, Mika Korhonen, Simo Lehto)

    Group 9 (Pavel Tcherenkov, Atso Galkin, Axel Juslin)