Topic outline

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    SESSION 1: 23 January

    • Course overview: objectives, assignments, schedule
    • Introductory relational presentations (prepared pre-course)
    • Communicating strategically
    • Impromptu presentations
    • Presenting by objective: Competing Values Communication Framework

    Preparation for session 2

    1. Prepare CVCF presentation 1 including strategy outline (A1). Due 30.1.
    2. Read inputs 1, 2 & 3
    3. View TED presentations and prepare for class discussion:  Oliver here, Sinek here and Rosling here

    SESSION 2: 30 January

    • CVCF: focus on your presentation
    • High impact intros and outros
    • Objective-driven presentation 1 with peer feedback
    • Discussion of TED videos

    Preparation for session 3

    1. Read inputs 4 & 5 and articles 1 & 2
    2. Prepare CVCF presentation 2 (transformational). Description due 08.30, 6.2 (A2) 
    3. Read through final team presentation case

    SESSION 3: 6 February

    • Crafting effective visuals: review own presentation slides
    • Objective-driven presentation 2 (transformational) with peer feedback
    • Start preparing the final team presentation

    Preparation for session 4

    1. Write critical appraisal of objective-driven presentations 1 & 2 (A3). Due 08.30, Wednesday, 13.2.
    2. Read articles 3 & 4
    3. Prepare final team presentation

    SESSION 4: 13 February

    • Presentation coaching
    • Final team presentations with lecturer and peer feedback (A4)

    View video and write critical appraisal (A5). Due 08.30, Wednesday, 20.2

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    Before you come along to the first class please:

    1. Read input 1, Preparing tailored messages and Input  2, Competing Values Communication Framework (CVCF) in the 'Readings' folder

    2. Prepare a short 2-minute introductory presentation (see instructions below)

    Introductory 2-minute relational presentation (diagnostic)

    Relating to our audience effectively, establishing our credibility, and showcasing our professional “ethos” - the way we wish to be perceived by others – are significant components of many business presentations, especially when we are trying to persuade.

    This short relational presentation gives you the opportunity to concentrate on these relational aspects and to craft and deliver a message which allows you to develop your professional identity.

    It will also allow you to receive feedback on yourself as a presenter and help you pinpoint areas you’d like to further develop during the course.

    Your presentation should consist of ONE personal characteristic, or viewpoint, or value. In other words, present one piece of information about yourself which might be necessary to give in a professional context, e.g. during the job application assessment process, at a training seminar, or as a personal introduction of yourself to a group of new colleagues or employees.

    Please be prepared to present without slides.

    Use the following as a guide:

    1. Introduction
      a. Give your name
      b. Begin by stating your personal characteristic, viewpoint or value in an engaging way.

    2. Body      
      a. Briefly explain your characteristic, viewpoint or value.
      b. Illustrate your topic with examples, comparisons, quotations or statistics.
    3. Conclusion       
      a. Restate your characteristic, viewpoint or value.
      b. End with a concluding thought that relates to your topic and makes it memorable.

    You only have 2 minutes for this presentation so consider carefully how you can make the most effective use of the limited time available.

    The criteria listed below may well help when you’re planning your presentation. 

    Criteria for assessing your relational presentation


    • Talked conversationally but in a business-like manner 
    • Projected a genuine sense of yourself as a professional who sounds credible and trustworthy
    • Related to the audience, by establishing rapport and connecting with them
    • Observed time constraints

    Audience focus

    • Captured and maintained audience interest
    • Interacted with audience,  involved them in the talk 
    • Described professional and personal experience in appropriate tone

    Content and structure

    • Organised the information clearly and logically
    • Had a clear attention-grabbing introduction 
    • Had a powerful conclusion which highlighted the main ideas presented
    • Provided evidence (anecdotes, illustrations ..) to support the main ideas

    Verbal Language

    • Used expressive and descriptive language
    • Articulated clearly for easy understanding
    • Spoke expressively and enthusiastically

    Nonverbal Language

    • Looked confident and comfortable
    • Had a natural posture
    • Used facial expression and gestures to support the message
    Adapted from materials prepared by Pris Rodgers, Michigan Business School
    Last modified: Tuesday, 12 December 2017, 4:33 AM

  • Not available unless: You belong to (L01) Business Presentations (Oodi)

    The course has 5 assignments and other required ungraded work.


     Objective-driven presentation 1: strategy outline (individual)



     Objective-driven presentation 2: transformational (individual)



     Critical appraisal of objective-driven presentations (individual)



     Final team presentation (group)



     Critical appraisal of team presentation (individual)



     Preparedness for class; contribution to group activities


    Deadlines: To pass the course all assignments must be completed by the given deadlines. The due date for each assignment is clearly stated on the respective submission box. Please upload the final versions of each of your assigments (pdf) by the given deadlines.

    Grading criteria: Assignments are assessed using preformulated rubrics on a scale of 0-5. EBC grading criteria: 4.5 and above is a 5; 3.5-4.49 range is a 4; 2,5-3,49 range is a 3.  Please take a look at these grading criteria (in submission boxes) before you start work on the given assignment, and also before you submit your assignment.

    Extra assignments not possible: Students are not able to re-do assignments, or do extra assignments to improve grades.  
    Class contribution
    This is a highly practical and experiential course so attendance is mandatory.

    Assignments at a glance

    Mandatory pre-work: Preparation of a relational presentation

    Deadline: first day of the course (Wednesday, 23.1)
    This pre-work requires you to prepare a short relational presentation which you will give on the first day of the course.

    A1: Objective-driven presentation I (15%)
    Deadlines: 30.01 (strategy outline); 30.01 (presentation)
    This assignment requires you to prepare a 6-8 minute presentation which is meant to achieve one of these 3 CVCF communication objectives: informational, promotional, or transformational.

    A2: Objective-driven presentation II: transformational (15%)
    Deadlines: 6.2 (presentation description); 6.2 (presentation)
    This assignment requires you to deliver a 5-minute transformational presentation (maximum of 3 slides). You should submit a 1-2 page (single-spaced) presentation description.

    A3: Critical appraisal of objective-driven presentations 1 and 2 (20%)
    Deadline: 13.02
    This assignment requires you to write a 2-3 page, (single-spaced/12 font) appraisal which critically assesses your two objective-driven presentations.

    A4: Promotional team presentation (20%)
    Deadline: 13.02

    This team assignment requires you to analyse a communication case and prepare a 15-minute team presentation to top management. This presentation will be videotaped.

    A5: Critical appraisal of team presentation (20%)
    Deadline: 20.02

    This individual assignment requires you to write a critical assessment of your team presentation making clear references to the communication frameworks dealt with on the course and incorporating comments and written feedback you received from the lecturer and class members.

  • Not available unless: You belong to (L01) Business Presentations (Oodi)

    5 lecturer inputs (pdf files below)

    1. Preparing tailored messages
    2. Competing Values Communication Framework
    3. Creating promotional messages: persuasive techniques
    4. Presenting to convince
    5. Facilitating the Q & A

    4 articles

    1. Telling tales, Denning (2004) *
    2. Inspiring others: the language of leadership, Conger (1991)
    3. How to design and deliver presentations like a pro, Reynolds
    4. The Big Four: Contrast, Repetition,Alignment, Proximity, Reynolds

    * Harvard Business Review does not allow its articles to be linked directly into any learning environments. Therefore, you'll have to access the HBR article Telling Tales, (2004) Denning,S. through Aalto library / e-journals.