Topic outline

  • I've set up a forum for each negotiation. This is where you can send your messages to TOP prior to the final negotiation.

    In reality these pre-negotiation messages, at least in this case context, would almost certainly be email messages, so please compose your messages as if they were an email: subject line, salutation ( 'Dear...') etc.

    Agrichem should send the first message.

    Think about:

    1. What information you require about TOP
    2. What you would like to know about their expectations
    3. What ideas you would like to sound out on them before meeting F2F
    4. In what ways you want to influence their perceptions
    5. What points you would like to have on the agenda & in what order
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      Negotiation 1 Forum

      Agrichem: Marjaana, Milla, Niko, Perttu
      Royce-Martinez: Tania, Anniina, Reo, Iina

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      Negotiation 2 Forum

      Agrichem: Rashad, Linda, Hong, Tero, Antonio
      Royce-Martinez: Rosa, Marvin, Anni, Daniela