Topic outline

  • KAARNI cocktail dishCHEM-A1610 Design Meets Biomaterials (3-5 cr) is part of CHEMARTS in Aalto University (, The main objective of CHEMARTS is to inspire students and researchers to explore biomaterials together and to create new concepts for the future use of cellulose and other biomaterials. CHEMARTS consists of various actions, such as multidisciplinary study courses, summer projects and externally funded research projects.

    CHEM-A1610 Design Meets Biomaterials is an introductory course to CHEMARTS and open to any Aalto student to participate. There are no prerequisites, only open mindset, curiosity to biomaterials and design, and commitment to work in multidisciplinary groups is required. In CHEMARTS students have freedom to create and fail – and to succeed. In addition to the their learning experience, CHEMARTS students prepare biomaterial design objects that have got great international visibility.

    After completing CHEM-A1610 Design Meets Biomaterials you can continue with the other CHEMARTS courses, MUO-C1044 CHEMARTS Summer School (5-15 cr) and CHEM-E1100 Plant Biomass (5 cr). These courses can also make CHEMARTS minor in your degree.

    NOTE: CHEM does not allow anyone to work in its laboratory spaces without first passing CHEM's laboratory safety exam. If you have not passed the exam earlier, you need to enroll on CHEM-E0140 Laboratory Safety course and pass the exam before entering the laboratories.


    Fri 1.3. 13-16 (Laine) Introduction to CHEMARTS and (bio)materials research. Teams formed.

    Fri 8.3. 13-16 (Laine) Creative workshop. Experimenting with cellulose.

    Fri 15.3. 13-16 (Laine) Teams present their ideas, first findings and further plans.

    Fri 22.3. 13-16 (PUU) Working in laboratory. Tutoring.

    Fri 29.3. 13-16 (PUU) Working in laboratory. Tutoring.

    Fri 5.4. 13-16 (PUU) Working in laboratory. Tutoring.

    Fri 12.4. 13-16 (PUU) Working in laboratory. Tutoring.

    Fri 26.4. 13-16 (PUU) Working in laboratory. Tutoring.

    Fri 3.5. 13-16 (PUU) Working in laboratory. Tutoring.

    Fri 10.5. (Laine) 13-16 Final presentations, discussion and feedback.

        Laine = Hall space in Haukilahti upper secondary school (Tekniikantie 3)

        PUU = CHEMARTS space and student laboratory in PUU 1 building (Vuorimiehentie 1)

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