Topic outline

  • Seminar on Data Ecosystems

    Data has huge potential, but unlocking the true value of data has many challenges. Global data play is dominated by a few isolated platform players that claim ownership of key data assets. It is difficult for businesses and governmental bodies to understand the characteristics and potential of data. Recent developments, such as privacy legislation GDPR, complicate the use of data further, but also open up possibilities for those who aim to redefine the rules to enable a more fair and trust-based data ecosystems.

    The seminar is aimed at students who want to understand better the opportunities and challenges related to using and sharing data internally at businesses and within a data ecosystem. The data ecosystem topic will be approached from multiple angles, including e.g. governance, trust and privacy, business, technology, and legal aspects.

    The course will be conducted as a combination of guest lectures and a student project on selected topics. The class instructors will include Aalto University researchers and affiliates with various academic backgrounds, as well as guest lecturers who are domain experts from the industry.

    In the project, the students apply what they have learned from topics covered and propose a solution to a problem or a way to move the ball forward in this field. This may take many forms (case study, project proposal, technical recommendation, code, etc.) as long as the idea is adequately explained and/or demonstrated. In addition to final project presentation, students will create a poster that summarize the results of about their project.

    Course lectures will be held on Tuesdays between 14-16 o’clock starting 29.1.2019, room T4 in Konemiehentie 2 (T-talo).


    • 13 Sessions, two 30-35 min presentations each session, 10-15 minute discussion

    • Course is a combination of own and quest lectures + groupwork on given themes. 

    • Final session is a half-day event to present and discuss groupwork

    Course agenda:

    29.1. Introduction to data ecosystems (Marko Turpeinen; Sami Jokela)

    5.2. Data economy and data strategy (Reko Lehti, Taival; Sami Jokela)

    12.2. Technological enablers and architectures for data (Jyrki Suokas, Sitra; Teemu Toroi, Basware)

    19.2. NO LECTURE

    26.2. Frameworks and references (Kari Hiekkanen Aalto; Jari Juhanko, Aalto)

    5.3. Legal perspectives, data governance, company networks (Olli Pitkänen, IPR University Center; Antti Kettunen, Tieto)

    12.3. Privacy and personal data (Antti Poikola, Teknologiateollisuus; Jaana Sinipuro, Sitra)

    19.3. Data sharing, trust and fairness (Tuukka Lehtiniemi, Aalto; Pirkka Frosti, Digital Living)

    26.3. Data as platform and enabler for Artificial Intelligence (Petri Malmelin, Taival; Petri Ketola, Aitomation)

    2.4. Student groupwork introductions

    9.4. Data-driven business cases for financial sector (Bo Harald; Tero Hotti, OP)

    16.4. Data-driven business cases for industrial data (Toby White, Wärtsilä; Tomi Kankainen, Fastems)

    23.4. Data-driven business cases for smart cities (Tero Blomqvist, Also; Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Forum Virium Helsinki)

    30.4. NO LECTURE

    7.5. Final seminar day with student presentations.