Topic outline

  • In the project work the task is to design and simulate a simple RF receiver consisting of a low-noise amplifier (LNA) and down-conversion mixer. Details can be found in the project description.

    All the advices and supporting material are located in the VSPACE at directory


    Ideal baseband filter for project work can be found in following path


    Add this path in cadence virtuoso through CIW>Tools>Library path editor.  While adding the path, software will complain about missing library. Just ignore the complain and save the library path editor settings.  Once you have added the path you can open ideal components models from rfic_lib path in cadence virtuoso. From rfic_lib, you will need 'ideal_filter' component for your project work.

    Note that the CAD exercises are such that they prepare you for the project work.
    Complete them, and you have the simulation skills needed for this task.