Topic outline

  • NEPPI Tech has been cancelled from Spring 2019.  Please contact the teachers if you are interested in taking the course in 2020.

    NEPPI Tech is a course for making an IoT thing from a product concept into a (near) production ready prototype, with the possibility of making a small pre-production series of the best thing.

    Please see the NEPPI Tech — Tracks for more information for the course prerequisites. There are multiple alternative tracks for students with different backgrounds.

    For more information about the three NEPPI courses in general, see our NEPPI website. There you will see, for example, what kind of an IoT device your fellow students designed and implemented during summer 2018, when the course was executed for the first time.

  • There are five different tracks at the NEPPI Tech.  As a student, you have to choose one track as your primary track.  Additionally, you may take one or two secondary tracks.

    There are specific admittance requirements for your primary track. You cannot take the course if you don't have the background for any at least one track, which will then be your primary track.

    1. PCB design track
    2. Embedded programming track
    3. Web and application programming track
    4. Mechanical design track
    5. User experience and interaction design track