Osion kuvaus

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    Course syllabus

    The course focuses on the design, analysis, and management of services and service systems and the processes supporting sustainable value creation in service operations. For this purpose, the course develops the knowledge and skills needed to manage and develop operations in a world of advanced service. The key content includes the design and management of service networks, service performance management, value-based service exchange, service innovation, service business models, and the service transformation enabled and influenced by digitalization and digital platforms. Each week the focus is on one of the key themes, which is explored from the theoretical and practical viewpoints by content sessions and empirical case examples.

    The course provides the opportunity to learn about the principles of managing service-centric operations across different industries. Through completing this course, the participants will learn to identify the key opportunities and challenges in industrial service business, and develop novel ways of acquiring, managing and delivering products, services, and solutions for improved efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. The participants also learn the contemporary developments around networked, customer and value-focused, and digital platform-enabled value creation.

    Course assignments

    • Introduction posting
      • Please find submission box & instructions below
    • Manufacturing game
      • In-class group activity, please register to a group below
    • Learning diary
      • 1-page structured reflection of a lecture meeting
      • Please prepare & submit your diary online in "Learning diaries"
      • 30% of the course grade is based on the diaries.
    • Article reviews
      • In-class activity, in groups of 1-4 students
      • Form a group and select your article in "Article review"
      • 10% of the course grade is based on the review
    • Course essay
      • A 2-person group project to write an essay on a pre-specified topic
      • 30% of the course grade is based on the essay
    • Exam
      • Open-ended questions on the key themes of the course
      • Based on the articles and lecture materials
      • 30% of the course grade is based on the exam.

    Scope 5 Cr