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  • The Learning assignment #2 consists of three parts:

    1. Reading the book section (Section 5 "How do I teach" pp. 39-49), DL 25.10.2018

    2. Teaching observation #2 "interaction in the classroom", DL 25.10.2018.

    • Visit an exercise class where you act as an observer. If possible, visit a class of one of your group members. If not, you can visit any other teaching session. We encourage you to choose another type of teaching session which you visited in LA#1, e.g., now a lecture if you visited an exercise session. See some suggestions in the Discussion Forum of main page in MyCourses. It is polite to ask the teacher / assistant that you are coming to observe the session. You can tell the instructor that you are doing this observation as a part of SCI course assistant training.
    • Use the feedback form from this page. Focus on interaction in the classroom and note down at least the following: How was it created? What approaches were used? Which aspects did you find to support students' learning process? You can add reflections and insights of your own.
    • Submit the form in MyCourses "Returning of Teaching observation #1" with the name of the observed peer/teacher removed. Use filename <FirstName>_<Lastname>_LA2_observations (e.g., "Jukka_Parviainen_LA2_observations.pdf") 
    • Optionally, give your feedback to your peer / the teacher, page #2 of the feedback form. Be specific, positive and give constructive feedback.

    3. Group work #2: reflect on the teaching session and the reading assignment before contact session 31.10.2018. Arrange a meeting with your small group. In the meeting, discuss your teaching observation and the article. Submit your notes and reflections in MyCourses "Group session" forum: What did you discuss? What did you observe? What did you think about the article?

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      The reading task in Learning Assignment #2 is Section 5 "How do I teach?" of the book "Get Inspired!". There's also a Finnish version available.

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      The reading task in Learning Assignment #2 is Section 5 "Miten toteutan opetusta" of the book "Innostu ja onnistu opetuksessa". There's also an English version available.