Topic outline

  • Take a chance to concentrate on developing your course as well as your competence in collaboration with your colleagues. You can approach educational technology from different angles. 

    • How the usage of educational technology could increase flexibility and variation from both the teacher's and the student's point of view?
    • How educational technology could improve interaction and collaboration?
    • How educational technology could support the assessing of learning?
    • Is educational technology able to provide more streamlined study paths?
    • What kind of added value the use of educational technology gives to learning and teaching?


    • Tukea opettajia hyödyntämään opetusteknologiaa opetuksessa ja opiskelussa pedagogisesti mielekkäällä ja perustellulla tavalla.
    • Perustana opetuksen linjakkuus ja oppimisen laatu.
    • Mahdollisuus kokeilla ohjatusti Aallon opetusteknologian tarjoamia mahdollisuuksia.

    • To support teachers to utilize educational technology in teaching and learning in a pedagogically meaningful and justified way.
    • Based on constructively aligned teaching (focus on what and how studens learn rather than on what topics the teacher is to teach)
    • The guided experimentation and training of Aalto's educational technology.