Topic outline

  • Learning@Aalto - Assessment for Lifelong Learning: Call for talks and workshops!

    Warmly welcome to contribute to the content of next Learning@Aalto event on May 22nd, 2019!


    Time: Wednesday 22.5.2019 at 11.30-16

    Place: Otakaari 5, AGrid

    You finished the autumn part of the course by compiling a plan concerning development on assessment practices. Next step, during this 2 credits part is to implement those assessment practices into your course and reflect the process and share the experience and with a larger community.
    If the plan 2018 did not concern development assessment on your course, feel free to modify the steps. In principle, the course includes the next steps: 
    1) Implementation (this part can also be more theoretical, or larger  if you do not have teaching;  development process can also concern programme's assessment practices)
    2) Reflect it with peers from the course and teacher,
    3) Sharing with a larger community.

    Write about the three steps in the plan 2019 max A 4 and tell:
    1) When and what you will do, use the plan 2018 as an attachment
    2) When are you ready for reflection (March?, April?)
    3) What do you think at present about 'Sharing'? Would you like to organise a discussion meeting with your colleagues in your major? Any teaching development sessions in yout School? Or would you be interested in to participate in ' Learning@Aalto', which  will be organized 23.5.2019. Learning@Aalto is an event where people interested in learning can meet and share their experiences and knolwedge. Next spring it will at least partly be focused on Assessment.Could we together organize, e.g., a workshop about assessment together with the course participants? 

    Submit by adding response or with attachment file to the discussion 'First task: a plan'.  Or start new discussion.

    If interested in to take 'Basics of Assessment' submit a response to that forum.