Topic outline

  • For last contact session 10.12.2018

    What are the 2 papers you read? What are the main points or conclusions of the papers you read?  

    Write down in Wikiarea below  or use paper-and-pen.


    1. Read two papers before the first contact session. One of the following papers (Crisp 2012 or Virtanen et al 2015), and  Kearney et al 2016. The papers are available in Materials.  Why: We will construct a shared understanding of the relevant concepts  during he first contact session.  

    Crisp, G. T. (2012). Integrative assessment: Reframing assessment practice for current and future learning. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 37(1), 33-43.

    Kearney, S., Perkins, T. & S. Kennedy-Clark (2016). Using self- and peer-assessment for summative purposes: analyzing the relative validity of ASSL (Authentic Assessment for Sustainable Learning) model. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 41(6), 843–861.

    Virtanen et al. 2015.  Millainen arviointi tukee elinikäistä oppimista? Yliopistopedagogiikka,  How to reform assessment practices for lifelong learning? Abstract in English

    2. Write shortly what is in your mind after reading; really short conclusion/own perception. Use wiki area below.