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    Course themes

    The course aims to address the following questions:

    • What is the current supervision process in your department?
    • What information should be included in a MSc thesis and where?
    • What are the steps and milestones in the thesis writing process?
    • What resources are available for supervisors to aid the process?
    • How to supervise topics from industry?
    • How to avoid crises and procrastination in the thesis process?

    The course will be completed either with 3 or 5 credits depending on your own schedule and interests.

    The questionnaire for this is in sub-page Project work (for those who do 5 credits).

    Day Topic
    17.1.2019  Current state of affairs [in supervision]
    8.2.2019  Evaluation of theses
    6.3.2019  Supervision process and milestones
    26.3.2019  Feedback: giving and taking
    25.4.2019  Supervising topics from industry or other stakeholders
    23.5.2019  Resources & tools available for supervisors
    between workshops  Subgroup meeting with study psychologist, 2-3 persons in each sub-group

    Course schedule

    CS 1 Wednesday 17.1.2019 at 9.00-12.00, class M140 (Majakka), Otakaari 1
    CS 2 Friday 8.2.2019 at 9.00-12.00, KPMG (U262/U-wing), Otakaari 1
    CS 3 Wednesday 6.3.2019 at 12.30-15.30, class M140 (Majakka), M-wing, Otakaari 1
    CS 4 Tuesday 26.3.2019 at 9.00-12.00, class S-RYHMÄ/U121a, 1st floor, U-wing, Otakaari 1
    CS 5 Thursday 25.4.2019 at 9.00-12.00, class DELOITTE/U119, 1st floor U-wing, Otakaari 1
    CS 6 Thursday 23.5.2019 at 9.00-12.00, class DELOITTE/U119, 1st floor U-wing, Otakaari 1


    Kirsti Keltikangas, pedagogical specialist, Aalto ELEC / Teacher in charge
    Mikko Inkinen, Study Psychologist, Learning Services
    Ken Pennington, Lecturer of English, Language Centre
    Jan-Mikael Rybicki, Lecturer of English, Language Centre


    Otaniemi, Otakaari 1

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      Instructions for group councelling Tiedosto DOCX
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      Pre-task for session 1 - DL Tuesday 15.1.2019 Tehtävä

      Upload your pre-task document here using either Word (docx) or PDF format.

      You can find instructions in the attachment.

      Deadline: Tuesday afternoon 15.1.2019

    • Recommended literature for this course (e-book):

      Ling, Charles X., and Qiang Yang (2012) Crafting your research future : A guide to successful master's and ph.D. degrees in science & engineering. San Rafael, Calif.: Morgan & Claypool.

      (a tip: how to make an accessible link to an e-book, see instructions in Finnish)

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      Study right form Tehtävä

      Here enclosed you will find study right forms (Finnish and English version).

      These are collected in all Aalto pedagogical courses so that

      1.we can register you to Aalto personnel training

      2. and after having completed the course, you can be given ECTS credits to Oodi.

      Please fill in this soonest (either in Finnish or in English depending on your mother tangue).


      Study secretary from Learning services will then register you to the course