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    Here you find all materials and instructions.

    Please, read this first page and do the pre-assignment. You find the pre-assignment in section 1st Contact Session.

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    THE THEMES AND THE CONTACT SESSIONS  each day from 12.15 to 15.45

      Monday 11.3.2019 Place: Väre, F101. Theme What are the purposes of assessment? Main concepts. 
      Monday 15.4. 2019 Place: Väre, Q 201. Theme How to engage the students with the standards and criteria?

               Monday 20.5.2019 Place: Otaniemi, Harald Herlin, Room Johanna near Cafe. Theme How to implement self- and peer-assessment into courses?

    1) During the contact sessions, we will learn and discuss about the topics of assessment, especially self-assessment and peer assessment to reach a shared understanding of the topics and to achieve a deeper scholarship in designing assessment for and of learning (to get more information see Contact Sessions).

    2) Individually, everyone will read some papers concerning the topic  before each contact session (see each Contact Session).

    3) There is one main assignment to be done during the course.  Design assessment rubric(s) with a plan how to use the rubric(s) for to assess learning. Justifications based on literature. This can concern your own course or any other, or bigger entity. That can be done In pairs, in teams, or individually, If that is not a meaningful task, please, feel free to do something else. It must be aligned with the intended learning outcomes, and time, but there are no other restrictions. I suggest to focus on: How to implement self-assessment, or peer-assessment into learning activities? (to get more information see Assignments).  

    The estimated workload for each of the above mentioned aspect is 1 credit, 27 h.


    After the course you will be able

    • to identify the resources of assessment practices in supporting learning process,
    • to analyse and compare various assessment and feedback methods in related to validity and reliability, 
    • to implement self- or peer-assessment in own teaching,
    • (to evaluate the assessment and feedback practices in a programme or major and to participate in developing the practices)


    • Concepts of assessment, purposes of assessment
    • Designing assessment methods to support student learning
    • Self-assessment and peer-assessment
    • Reliability and validity
    • (Program-level assessment) minor part 


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