Topic outline

  • There is one main assignment to be done during the course. That can be done in pairs, in teams, or individually.

    The product is ‘Assessment rubric for (own) course',  with a plan how to use it for self-assessment or peer assessment during the course. Also description of all the assessment practices is valuable; tell the link between assessment and grading. Give some literature based arguments.

    Read first the papers for second and first contact sessions. Then, make and submit your plan (Below), in which you tell what is the main assignment you are going to do in this course. Name the specific course, and tell if you planning to implement self-assessment or peer assessment, or something else to improve the link between assessment and learning. Tell also, what questions do you have.  

    -  A plan. Dead line 10.4. 2019.

    -  Final. The assessment matrix and a short description how to use it in your course. Dead line 15.5.2018


    If that is not a meaningful task, please, feel free to do something else. It must be aligned with the intended learning outcomes of the course, and time, but there are no other restrictions...

    I suggest to focus on: How to implement self-assessment, or peer-assessment into learning activities? You can also show your input by compiling, e.g., Blogs, Rubrics, Video, Performance in Learning Challenge etc.