Topic outline

  • Drone mapping: from flight planning to applications

    A special intensive course (1 cr) on drone mapping open to MSc and DSc students in geoinformatics.

    Thursday 11 April 2019, 12 pm - 5 pm
    Friday 12 April 2019, 9 am - 5 pm 

    Drone and sensor technology, and related legislation issues
    Flight planning & flight demo
    Overview of photogrammetric and radiometric processing
    Applications in forestry, agriculture and urban areas

    Course evaluation
    Pre-assignment before the course (please see "Assignments" section for instructions), will be handed in in the beginning of the first lecture
    Full attendance in contact sessions (11-12 April) and completion of all assignments is required
    (No exam)

    from Finnish Geospatial Research Institute: Roope Näsi, Olli Nevalainen, Raquel Alves de Oliveira
    (Teacher-in-charge from Aalto ENG: Miina Rautiainen)