Topic outline

  • In this section, you will learn about the basics of dyeing and the equipment and possibilities of the Dyeing studio | Wetlab. Please note that in this facility, lessons learned in the Occupational Safety section are highlighted. Special attention should be paid to chemical safety and studio-specific instructions. In addition to the quiz, your knowledge will also be tested in connection with a practical exercise.

    You will complete the tasks required for a work permit in the Dyeing studio by performing the first dyeing exercise under the supervision of the workshop master, preferably in connection with the first project / course related to your studies. Please agree on the schedule of the dyeing exercise with the workshop master in good time.

    Värjäämö, yleiskuva

    In the Dyeing studio | Wetlab, you can manipulate surfaces and dye materials in a pot or a machine. You have access to Dylon direct dyes and the most common water-based printing pastes and pigments. The wet work area enables, for example, different BioArt experiments, and you can also use plant-based and reactive dyes.

    • Dyeing is not allowed (and cannot be done) without learning the basics of dyeing, its methods and recipes. On the following pages, you will find instructions for dyeing by hand and by machine, as well as the recipe for Dylon direct dyes. You will learn how to work safely in the Occupational Safety section. Note: Open the table of contents from the black arrow "Open block drawer" in the upper right corner.


      • Read the facility-specific occupational safety instructions and remember to protect yourself appropriately.
      • Select the method and materials in accordance with your project.
      • If you are unsure about the use of a specific chemical, contact the workshop master.
    • Big machine (10kg drum) for dyeing textiles.Esteri 10 -värjäyskone

      • dyeing
      • bleaching
      • pre-washing large amounts of fabric.
    • Induction stove for big pots.Metos -induktioliesi

      • hand dyeing
      • bio-material experiments.


    • Induction stove for small pots (weight limit 7 kg).Induktioliesi pieni

      • hand dyeing
      • bio-material experiments.


    • For removing excess water from fabrics.Talpet -linko

      • drying textiles Esteri kuivausrumpu
      • distressing textiles
      • felting.
    • For drying products and textiles.kuivauskaappi

      • dyed fabrics
      • hats and accessories
      • distressed items
      • molds and castings.
    • Receive a grade Receive a passing grade

      Familiarise yourself particularly with the manual Basics of dyeing and the different uses of the equipment. After the test, go to the Laundry and Wardrobe page through the main menu.