Topic outline

    • Before 3rd contact session 24.3.2020:

      A. Peer group meeting before next studio DL  23.3.2020 
      Peer group meeting 3:
      Share the situation, problems and successes of your plan with each other.
      What have you learnt about educational technology and its usage in your teaching. What kind of problems you have faced? How do you solve it/them? 
      Update your wiki

      B. Your development plan/task version 2.0,  DL 23.3.2020

      Continue your development plan / development task by utilizing reading materials, articles, workshop etc. Add your own reflection on your development plan/task. How you succeeded? Did you meet obstacles, problems? What are you going to do next or in the future? Do you continue to implement and evaluate your plan? When and how? 

      Submit your plan v. 2.0 to MyCourses Studio 3.