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      Because of the need to slightly modify the original groups, please click yourself to your own team once more. With the exception of Rosa, Sofia and Aapo, you all have the same team number as originally. Choose your team as follows:

      Team 1 members - click yourself to 1A

      Team 2 members - click yourself to 2B

      Team 3 members - click yourself to 3C

      Team 4 members - click yourself to 4D

      Team 5 members - click yourself to 5E

      Team 6 members - click yourself to 6F

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      Assignments 1 and 4 are done in teams of 4 students. We'll divide you to teams in the first class session.

      Before submitting the first assignment, please click yourself to your own team here. Please note that if you haven't done this before your team submits A1, you will not be getting a grade for the assignment.

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      NOVEMBER 16

      • Course introduction
      • Communication strategy
      • Effective writing
      • Instructions for A2 (individual persuasive presentation)
      • Impromptu presentations if have time

      To do between sessions 1 and 2

      • Upload your team's A1 to MyCourses by 9.00 am on Nov 21 (one per team)
      • Comment on another team's A1 in MyCourses by 9.00 on Nov 25 (everyone individually)
      Other homework for next time:

      • Read Inputs 1-4 + study for A3 quiz
      1. Communicating strategically
      2. Persuasive techniques
      3. Reader-focused business writing
      4. Impactful presentations
      • Prepare A2a: Individual, 5-min persuasive presentation outline
      • Prepare A2b: Individual, 5-min persuasive presentation


      NOVEMBER 30

      Due today:

      • A1 final version (to MC)
      • A2a Individual persuasive presentation outline (to MC)
      • A2b Individual persuasive presentation (in class)


      • A3 quiz
      • Impactful presentations
      • Nonverbal communication
      • A2b presentations
      • Visual design
      • A4 team presentation instructions

      To do between sessions 2 and 3

      • Email A4 pres. visuals to Christa ( by 9.00 am on Dec 5 (one per team)
      • Modify presentation based on the feedback that you receive

      Homework for next time:

      • Study for A3 in-class test written part
      • Finalize A4 team presentation

      DECEMBER 14 - remember: start in classroom U257

      Due today:

      A4 team presentation (submit to MC before class)


      • A3 in-class test written part in U257
      • Impromptu presentations
      • A4 team presentations

      A5 reflection paper (submit to MC by) 11 pm on Dec 18