Topic outline

  • Aalto International Talent Programme 2019-2020 (1 cr)

    Aalto International Talent Programme is an initiative bringing together Aalto University’s international students and companies. Master's students of the CCIS Programme can apply to the programme pilot, running in 2019-2020.

    International students at Aalto University

    The companies participating in the programme are: Bayer, Elisa, Ericsson, Nokia, Supermetrics, Vaisala, VTT and Wärtsilä.

    Aalto International Talent Programme (1 cr) entails

    • Five 2-hour group mentoring sessions with obligatory attendance (some of them with pre-assignments)
    • Networking excercise (attending Summer Job Day 2020 or other recruitment event)
    • Submitting a learning diary reflecting on your learning outcomes

    Learning Outcomes
    After completing Aalto International Talent Programme, you

    • are familiar with general recruitment practices in Finland
    • understand how to recognize your own skills and competencies
    • have drawn a skills map
    • have updated and/or created a CV and LinkedIn profile for the Finnish job market
    • have developed her/his networking and interpersonal skills
    • have required in-depth knowledge in the mentor company, including information on current topics and future competence needs in the industry

    Working Methods

    • Group mentoring sessions with mentor company recruiters, specialists and alumni
    • Independent studying (pre-assignments, self-assessment assignments, learning diary)