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    Welcome to your master’s degree studies in the School of Engineering!

    Please enroll to the course as a student here!

    As a master's student, you probably understand the Finnish saying ‘No one is born a blacksmith.’ Learning is a process and becoming an expert is a long path that is extremely difficult to follow without help. The good thing is that no one needs to become an expert alone.

    Academic advising in the School of Engineering is built to provide you with an environment that supports you in working towards the goals you have set. Your academic academic adviser is there to give you feedback on your study plans, research ideas and career prospects. Academic advisers are true experts in their field and every one of them has their own story to tell on how they became experts. Listen to them carefully and use what they have to offer to help you succeed in your path towards becoming an expert in your field.

    Every new student is going to get an academic adviser to discuss your goals and studies. Academic adviser is your academic support here in Aalto Univeristy.

    Each master's programme has its own section within this MyCourses workspace. In the programme-specific section on the left, you can see how the process of academic advising begins in your programme, as there are some variations between the programmes.

    If you have any questions about academic advising, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Best regards,

    Mari Rummukainen & Ville Kivimäki