Topic outline

  • Welcome to the course

    Welcome to the course page of workshop master as a learning instructor.

    The course, comprising four three-hour teaching sessions, is designed to provide you with tools and ideas to support your work as a teaching assistant. Each session will deal with one or two themes in an interactive manner. 

    You can earn two credit points by attending all four teaching sessions and doing all the course work.

    Learning outcomes

    After the course you will able to

    • observe the workshop environment from the learning perspective
    • identify aspects to support students' learning process
    • identify your role as a learning instructor
    • identify ways to improve your competences as an instructor

      Course schedule and place

      The course consists of four zoom session on Monday mornings from 9:15 to 12:00. The session dates and themes are:

      • 6.4.2020   Interaction and feedback in learning and teaching
      • 21.4.2020  Approaches to learning and diverse learners
      • 4.5.2020   Student well-being; factors affecting success in studies - student profiles
      • 8.6.2020   Issues related to learning; motivation; practical tips

        Course teachers

        The course teachers are educational specialists Tiina Pylkkönen (ARTS) and Kirsti Keltikangas (ELEC) (both emails