Topic outline

  • General

    The International Joint Post-Graduation in Industry 4.0 Digital Innovation and transformation aims to address the existing gap between industry and higher education through a multidisciplinary approach to teaching an entrepreneurial mindset and digital skills. This course offers the possibility for participants to learn in an international environment and in a collaborative way, inspired by real scenarios of problems faced by industry. This initiative is a result of the collaborative efforts of the Universities of the Future consortium members. The delivery of this international course is a joint responsibility of P.PORTO, Aalto University and Warsaw University of Technology.

    NOTE: This course will take place from  21.9.2020 to 26.2.2021.

    The optional face-to-face working weeks in Poland (14.12.2020) and Finland will only be confirmed until the end of October 2020 – if not feasible and safe, the two weeks will be transformed into online synchronized moments.