Topic outline

  • OK7 Set Design Workshop induction course is needed for accessing and working in the Set Design Workshop at Otakaari 7(Wood workshop, Metal workshop, Plaster-room and Atex-painting room). In addition, you need to complete required practical exercises to get the full working licence.

    In this course a student will:

    • Familiarize her/himself about workshop spaces and equipment.
    • Learn important information about working safety.
    • Learn practicalities and rules about working environment and -methods.

    After finishing this MyCourses part of the course, contact the Workshop Master to set the final details to accomplish this course. Those who have registered for the Workshops Safety and Health course (1 cr) will continue on practical training as scheduled on a course.

    At the moment this course is not optimised for mobile devises. It is recommended to use desktop or laptop computer at least for the Quizzes. Also, Google Chrome is not supported at the moment.

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  • The Set Design Workshop is part of the Aalto Studios Workshops, providing you with easy access to the possibilities offered by the Aalto Fablab and Costume Workshop The working environment and expertise of staff are particularly suited for the context of performing arts and the methods of digital work.

    The Set Design Workshop offers facilities for the production and surface treatment of stage sets and props. The Set Design Workshop consists of a wood workshop, welding area, paint shop (ATEX) and plaster room. In connection with the Set Design Workshop, there is a small storage for props and a temporary storage for the use of productions.

    For special equipment, it is possible to use the ARTS infra workshops (sign in to see the content).

    Working times

    It is possible to work in the Set Design Workshop on weekdays from 9 to 16 when the workshop master is present. Courses and productions in accordance with the ARTS timetable are prioritised. Always contact the workshop master if you need to use the workshop. It is prohibited to work in the workshop without permission.

  • In this section, you will get to know the general rules of Aalto Studios Workshops and the workshop-specific instructions.

  • In this section, you will get to know about Occupational safety in the workshop. You will learn more about potential hazards, how to prevent them and what kind of protection you need for different situations. Occupational Safety Responsibilities highlight your responsibilities in the shared working environment. You will learn what to do in case of emergency.

  • Set Design Workshop

    In this section, you will familiarise yourself with the facilities of the Set Design Workshop and learn the basics of how to use the machinery. You can revert back to the instructional videos and device-specific instructions throughout your studies. Safe use of the equipment is explained for each individual machine in connection with practical training.

    At the Wood Workshop, you will have access to the most common machines used for the construction of stage sets. The workshop has a wooden floor, and it easy to attach backdrops to it. The wood workshop is on street level, which makes it easy to load even large pieces conveniently.

    The Metal Workshop consists of a welding room and a cutting room for cold working. The welding room is equipped with Mig-Mag and TIG welding equipment. The welding room also has a fixed belt grinder and angle grinders. You can also carry out other work requiring a hot working space in the facility.

    In the cutting room, you can find all the non-sparking tools, such as a metal cutting saw, plate cutter and various devices for bending metal. The cutting room also serves as a metal storage.

    The Atex paint shop is intended for spray painting and other types of surface treatment/ adhesives that produce harmful gases.

    The plaster room is intended for carrying out activities that generate dust. A space with a large sink suitable for working with different mortar, plaster and casting projects. A facility suitable for mixing paints.

    The storeroom for props contains props and furniture for the use of productions and courses.

  • Forms and instructions

    Use this form to notify the workshop master about extra projects (in your personal study plan) related to workshops, and CC the supervising teachers. The workshop master will go through the project with you and try to fit it in with the workshop timetable.

  • Thank you for completing the online orientation course!

    In addition to an approved online course, independent work in the premises requires the completion of practical exercises in the Set Design Workshop. Remember to give feedback on the course and schedule the practical exercises with the workshop master.