Topic outline

  • Pienryhmän jäsenet/Members in the small group

    • Imran Ashgar, SCI
    • Tua Björklund, ENG
    • Ilkka Laakso, ELEC
    • Weiwei Lin, ENG
    • Edris Pouresmaeil, ELEC
    • Tarik Taleb, ELEC
    • Assignment icon

      The report structure (taken from the first session's materials).

      Pls note that you will particularly focus on the parts with red colour.
      The parts with black you already have written in Course design-pedacourse
      (and if not, please write those parts as well.)

      I do not grade your drafts but I will try to give you feedback.

      And about the observations,  we recommend that you could do a table of them (please see the example here below).
      You can find that as well in the first session materials.